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USB Scope
4 Channel USB Oscilloscope
4 Channel USB Oscilloscope module with USB type B socket. The module comes without measurement leads. The connectors on the pcb are RCA audio connectors.
Homepage: USB Oscilloscope

€ 44.00  

20 MHz Signal Generator
20 MHz signal generator & frequency counter
20 MHz signal generator & frequency counter module with sine wave (20 MHz), square wave (1 MHz) and frequency counter (TTL, 20 MHz). The connectors on the pcb are RCA audio connectors.
Homepage: Signal Generator

€ 35.00  

Wireless Sensor System PC Interface
This PC interface is the connection between the wireless sensor modules and the PC software. The interface has a USB type A connector.
Homepage: Wireless Sensor System

€ 18.50  

Wireless Sensor Module
This wireless sensor module (type 2) has 5 analog inputs and 2 digital outputs. Max. 4 modules can be wireless connected to the PC. Frequency 433 MHz. Sample frequency is 1 Hz.
Homepage: Wireless Sensor System

€ 28.50  

Bare PCB USB IO Board 18F4550
Bare PCB for the USB IO Board based on the PIC 18F4550 chip. PCB without components.
Homepage: USB IO Board

€ 7.00  


Wireless UART Set 433 MHz
With the wireless UART / RS-232 link it is possible to connect a PIC / AVR / uP wirelessly to a PC.
Price is for a set of 2 PCB's.
Homepage: Wireless UART

€ 32.50  


RFM12 FSK transceiver module
RFM12 is a low costing ISM band FSK transceiver module.It works signal ranges from 433 MHZ bands, comply with FCC, ETSI regulation. The SPI interface is used to communicate with microcontroller for parameter setting. RFM12 Datasheet

€ 5.00