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20 MHz Sine Wave Generator & Frequency Counter

With this device it is possible to generate a sine wave (1 Volt top-top), a square wave (TTL) and count frequencies up to 20 MHz. The device has an USB connection to the PC and is controlled from a dedicated program.


Signal Generator
Signal Generator


Signal Generator Software


Important : The square wave will not be "square" for frequencies above 1 MHz. Check the measurement report below to see the shape of the square wave for higher frequencies.

Download software

Click on this link to download the software. After the downloads finishes, unzip the "" file and run setup.exe. Follow the instructions of the installer. The USB driver for this scope is included in this zip file.

Connect the signal generator to a free USB port and Windows will automatically detect the new hardware and load the correct driver.

Measurement report AD9850

Meausurements were done to validate the performance of the AD9850 chip on this board. An example of these meausurements is shown below.

Sine 1 MHz
1 MHz sine wave with 1 Volt top-top amplitude (Min = 0V, Max = 1V)

Click here to download the full measurement report