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USB Oscilloscope Software

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  • FTDI drivers

    This USB oscilloscope uses an FTDI USB chip. The drivers for this chip should be downloaded from the FTDI website and installed before connecting the oscilloscope for the first time. (Windows 32 & 64 bit)

    Download manual

    If you are interested in the USB Scope hardware and/or software, you can download the manual by clicking on this link manual.pdf (you will need a pdf reader to open this manual.)

    Download software

    Click on this link to download the software. After the downloads finishes, unzip the "" file and run setup.exe. Follow the instructions which are displayed by the installation program.

    Main program window

    The screendump below shows the main UsbScope program window.
    USB Scope Software The speedbuttons under the menu, allow for easy control of the main program functions. From left to right :

    Digital Volt Meters (DVM)

    The screendump below shows the digital volt meters. The update rate is approx. 2 Hz.

    FFT result window

    The screendump below shows the FFT calculation result window. The example shows the FFT of a 50 Hz square wave.

    XY-plot window

    The screendump below shows the XY plot window. In this window, channel 1 and channel 2 are plotted against eachother instead of plotting them against time. The animation shows 3 examples of 2 sine waves with 200 Hz frequency, each time shifted in phase.
  • Perfect circle = 90 degree shift.
  • Line under +45 degree angle = 0 degree shift.
  • Line under -45 degree = 180 degree shift.

  • The screendump below shows the XY plot window with 2 sine waves plotted against eachother.
  • Sine 1 = 200 Hz
  • Sine 2 = 210 Hz
  • The resulting images are known as "Lissajous patterns".

    General setup

    The screendump below shows the tab in which you can set the main program settings, like channels to display, sample frequency and hardware scaling (min, max input range). In this example, a 2 channel USB scope is connected which can do a 40 kHz sample rate. The input voltage range is set to 0V - 5V DC. General program settings

    Trigger setup

    The screendump below shows the options to setup the trigger function of the scope. Note: only channel 1 can be used to trigger. The trigger level can be set using the edit-field and/or the up/down arrows. Trigger can be set on the rising or falling edge of the signal. Trigger setup

    Axis scaling and measurement units

    The sceendump below shows the options that used to set the correct labels along the axis and the correct scalings. Axis scaling and units

    Loading previously stored measurements

    The screendump below shows information about the files with saved measurements that were loaded. Each loaded file can be (de)-selected. Measurements from file

    UsbLogger Software

    The screendump below shows the main UsbLogger program window. USB Logger Software

    The USB logger software makes it possible to do slow measurements (1 samples each second or slower) over very long periods. Ideal for logging slow processes like :

  • Wheather
  • Temperatures
  • Power generated by solar cells
  • etc.