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On this website you will find some of the products which we have developed over the last years. Most of these products started as tools for our own developments. As some of them turned out to be very useful, we have made real products of them.

We now have available following tools & products:

Special Development
We are always looking for ideas for new products. So if you have any ideas or need help with your electronics and/or software projects, feel free to contact us through our feedback form. We might be able to use our experience and help you directly. Or we can make a dedicated tool for you.

We hope you enjoy our products and love to get feedback from you!

USB Scope Specifications

Sample rateChannel 1Channel 2Channel 3Channel 4
100 kHzX-X-
40 kHz XXXX
20 kHz XXXX
10 kHz XXXX
5 kHz XXXX
1 kHz XXXX
500 Hz XXXX
100 Hz XXXX
50 Hz XXXX


The 4 channel hardware
4 Channel USB Scope


Osilloscope Software
USB Scope Software

Logger Software
USB Logger Software